Club Hispalis

72% love it
Largest, most popular sauna
This soft-lit, blue-tinted sauna caters a mixed crowd and tends to be busier early evenings right after work - not late night. The space houses a bar, cruising areas, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.


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      botija6 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      it is what it is
      I have been a fan since it open I go there 3 or 4 times a year. Do not expect a sauna like the ones in USA or EUROPE guys of all ages lots of them in there 20's and many bears out of shape it is a hit or miss place sometimes beautiful guys here and there some other times just ugly guys . No more web site , it gets crowded in the afternoons. Entrance 5500 colones around $11 dollars , hard liquor around $3.50 for the entrance fee you get a piece of rectangular cloth and sandals bring your own lube and condoms as they don't provide that, crow mostly into blow jobs rooms for free although they are not too much in use. The main action place it is the maze that's where mostly all the fucking and sucking goes. The same attitudes you find everywhere guys standing up against the wall watching the guys go by . Sometimes you find foreigners be that Europeans or from the USA mostly old guys looking for PYT's.The music is very bad the staff do a good job maintaining the place clean. It is a safe place in a safe area in case you wonder. It is located around the museum on the Main Street .Safe sex 50/50 some do bareback.If you are looking for a roll in the hay more than likely you'll find it.

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      Sexapilocho Over a year ago
      Loves it

      excellent bathhouse
      I was there just a few days ago is not my first time I have been going there just about once a year. The place has grown in size and revamped. they keep it very clean like any other sauna around the world the usual crowd from young to old in this sauna the crowd tend to be young in their 20's early 30's .This particular time I went on a holiday and the place was packed with many attractive guys.It gets busy in the afternoon dies down around 9pm .They love white guys and there are plenty even white costaricans sometimes you are thrown off thinking that the guy that you like is from the states or Europe but actually is a costarican.The main action isa labyrinth full of steam.They love that section, there is a new labyrinth which is pitch dark , safe sex 50/50.If you are gay and like saunas by all means go to this one you will not be dissapointed.Try not to stand and model get into the mix of it all get into the labyrinth and enjoy it.

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      Bichogrande Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What About
      Well, if you compare it with some of the best Bathhouse in Europe, and USA, you will be disappointed. however the place is clean decent, attention is good, and well you will probably have fun, craw is mix young, old guys, not many in shape guys, mostly Bears.