Las Termas de Paris

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Paris Is Steaming
This sauna attracts a middle-aged crowd who have left their inhibitions at the door, which happens to be on a corner and easily noticeable with a purple curtain.


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      pitillo Over a year ago
      Hates it

      decay all over
      It is not a gym it's a gay bathhouse Actually the first to open in COSTA RICA . It was out shined by SAUNA HISPALIS . It's been going downhill thru the years from a nice place to a shady nasty place the steam room is not working anymore , the rooms are free but you can see the decay all around the place.The clientele is much to be desire middle age guys in the worst physical condition , young guys some of them cute ,hooking up with the out of shape guys if you are Caucasian those young guys will flock towards you but in all honesty the place is just in decay all around you are better off going to HISPALIS This sauna opens at noon and closes around 8pm . There is a black curtain at the entrance then press a button and they will let you in .The charge is 3000 colones they'll give a key to a locker and sandals .The showers works and they are always cleaning the floor and everywhere else , no smoking.Overall can't imagine any tourist going there for a good time. Years ago when started yes but now I can't see it.

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      Bichogrande Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NO NO No
      ok this is the nastiest place a ever been. not clean not nice, and some of the guys could be my grand grand father, NOT nice at all