73% love it
Sauna and jacuzzi
San Jose’s busiest, cleanest and largest sauna, busy in the evenings. Check the schedule for lights-out day, washcloth day, and holiday celebrations.
    • platano
      platano Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Hispalis expands
      On OCT 29 the 3rd stage will be inaugurated more rooms ( cement walls) dry sauna etc, etc.where there was a huge empty space just a huge mattress and a smaller one they built glory holes cubicles but almost no one goes in there it is pitch dark but there is new competition in town the super sleek new gay sauna 100â

    • 100Celsius
      100Celsius Over a year ago
      Hates it

      There is a newer nicer place in town
      Went to Hispalis which was ok but was told that there was a brand new place that just opened called Celsius Lounge. OMG it was amazing. Largest jacuzzi that I have ever seen. Steam room maze was gigantic. I have traveled all around the world and this place is the nicest I have ever seen.

    • botija6
      botija6 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The same place, nothing new, bad music The facilities very clean. It is a big old house that was converted into a bathhouse .The clientele as I mention before paunchy old guys as in old saunas of the world but also young guys some attractive some not. I noticed that one of the screens for viewing porn in one of the corridors was turn off so one one of the saunas it was not in use There is no WEB SITE .All this I imagine to save money. As I mention before if you don't like Hispanics or other colors other than white don't waste your time coming and don't expect a sauna like the ones in the USA or EUROPE because it is not. If you don't care about all that more that likely you'll have a good time meaning a good shag in the times that I have been there I've seen no orientals and black guys maybe one.The main action ,the maze as it is very anonymous . The admission fee still 5500 ,drinks it depends on what you drink rum and coke $3.60 but basically everybody drinks beer because it is cheaper.The best that I can describe the place it is like foreigners who have never been out there countries imagine a whorehouse in THAILAND.The only difference is that is gay and sex is free.So if you want to clean up your pipes and don't care about nothing of the above you definetly must visit SAUNA HISPALIS

    • y2000
      y2000 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Qué feo!
      Lo siento pero este sauna no vale complimentos: arrogancia del personal, no indicaciones o explicaciones de las diferentes partes del sauna,clientes gorditos, no regresaré a este sauna!

    • pitillo
      pitillo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I went back to HISPALIS and love it ,huge , much better music; bring your own condoms and lube as the customers ( potentially your tricks) don't carry them .The entrance 5500 colones $11 ;a lot of twenty something's up to 70's some very handsome others not that much.The huge maze they used to have after remodeling it shrank by 90% but what was left still popular to suck and fuck. You meet someone in the maze and if both of you have chemistry you taking him to one of the rooms.if you are a foreigner from USA or EUROPE you will be very popular with the locals.

    • Sexapilocho
      Sexapilocho Over a year ago
      Hates it

      best in town
      In COSTA RICA there are just 2 bathhouses HISPALIS and PARIS don't bother going to PARIS nowadays is filthy not even running water. Hispalis is around the museum it's a blue metal door that you push and you get in I have been there many times as I visit COSTA RICA frequently to begin with they love white guys be you fro the USA or EUROPE the crowd is over all on the young side and the rest everything in between from older guys, bears, trolls , beautiful ones for those of you who don't like brown skin a lot of costaricans are white so don't panic .there is a bar serving alcoholic beverages, a rum and coke is $3.50 .the entrance is $10 no time limit sometimes you see a lots foreigners from USA OR EUROPE sometimes not that many . The place is very clean WEDNESDAY S and FRIDAYS are naked days no piece of clothe just as you came into the world. They open at noon until midnight no rooms for rent and they give you sandals. The main hook up place it's a semidarkness maze which is full of steam so is like if you are walking thru a fog . Save sex 50/50 there are rooms where you take your partner and do whatever is it that you do. I have noticed through out the years that they are more into blow jobs, fucking some of them like it but over all blow jobs are king in that place. They don't give you a towel but a piece of blue cloth.there is a new section where you go in and don't see anything to your right there is a huge vinyl mattress if you continue on there is a small partition and behind it another mattress the guys don't seem to like it probably because you can't see who the other person is It remind me of the fuck pads of the 80's where you had a fabulous orgies but there were red lights focusing on the mattress at least you could see who was fucking you.Overall if you want to fuck someone or be fuck or a trip through blow job country this is the place. It gets packed between 2pm and 7 pm , Saturdays and Sundays it is packed and sometimes if you are lucky it is full of gorgeous guys.

    • ButtBuster
      ButtBuster Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A nice afternoon
      Hispalais is somewhat hard to find but can be fun. Went there once and nothing was interesting/interested. Second visit, about a week later, what did I spot but a youngish Tico twink laying ass up, checking me out. Tight and ready immediately, he whimpered while the his convusive culo milked me dry. I hope to get back there someday!

    • em75020
      em75020 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      very difficult to find but crowded
      Next to the castle. enter by a door with only a number on it. Secret entrance but a lot of ticos know the place from early twenty to forty's. Steam rooms with mazes, hot tube, swimming pool. I went on wed when they organize naturist party (also on thursday).